October 12, 2019: The Story of Our Wedding Day Pt. I

The best day of our lives started really early. Motivated by the day's agenda, I got out of bed at 6:00 am, treated myself to my favorite Starbucks drink ( a Venti Honey Citrus Mint Tea, no water, three Stevia in addition to the honey it comes with—it's weird and random, but holy moly it's delicious ), and came home to give myself a blow-out and do my morning skincare routine before my mom, photographer, hairstylist, and bridesmaids arrived.

By 8:00 am, my mom, Ashley ( my sister ), as well as Leslie and Stephanie ( my aunt-doubled-photographer and my hairstylist ) were all at our apartment. Tyler headed out the door to hang out and get ready with his groomsmen—we wanted to spend our last night before marriage together, rather than opting for the "traditional" night apart—and us girls got going on our hair and makeup. That's right, we were getting ready at 8:00 am for a 3:00 pm ceremony. Can't rush beauty, baby.

I began on my eye makeup while my aunt and sister got their hair done. I opted for a sparkly champagne-and-peach-toned smokey eye to match our wedding color scheme and the fall season. Keep a look out for a "practice my wedding makeup with me" IGTV video—it's coming soon!

After finishing my eyes, I got started on my mom's eye makeup. That's right: I not only did my own makeup, but I also did my mom's and Ashley's makeup—and it was so much fun! My mom wanted a subtle plum-toned smokey eye to match her dress, which I gave her using a few different Morphe eyeshadow palettes. I finished my mom's eyes, then moved on to my sister's. If you're wondering why I stopped after eyes on each of us, it's because I wanted to wait until the last possible moment to do the skin to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible into the night.

I used the Colourpop Sweet Talk palette and the Milani Soft and Sultry palette to give Ashley the bright, sparkly, neutral-toned eye she wanted. Soon it was time to finish mom's makeup, then move on to finishing my own. I'll be sharing a full list of makeup I used on myself soon, if you're curious about what I went with!

I felt great about time all morning; I had plenty of it to do makeup for three people and to sit and chill for about 30 minutes. But let me tell you—as soon as I sat down to get my hair done, time began lurching forward. We were so anxious about time that Stephanie and I nearly forgot to put my hair accessories in. At 1:45 pm, when we were ideally supposed to be leaving, I sped down the hallway to get my dress, jewelry, and shoes on. It's a good thing I had so much help getting everything on—I was in such a rush that I didn't get to look at myself in a mirror before we left, and I didn't even realize it until I was walking down the aisle!

While all seven of us girls got our hair done, did our makeup, and changed into our wedding attire, Tyler and his groomsmen—all childhood friends—hung out, drank a few beers, cleaned up real nice, took some photos ( check out some particularly funny ones on my Facebook page ), and waited for 2:00 pm to roll around. Then it was time to go get married.

Looking at the photos below, I have no idea why Ashley and I were mean-mugging so hard. I don't remember anything in particular happening, but I think I also partially blacked out from the time we closed the apartment door to the time I stood waiting to walk down the aisle. My sister and I both have pretty bad RBF ( resting bitch face ), and it definitely shows in these two photos ( lol ). RBF aside, I can't help but feel James Bond runaway bride vibes in these pics too. Something about the way we're standing and our facial expressions reminds me of James Bond. Idk, I sound crazy lmao. ( It's hard to communicate laughter/sarcasm/self-deprecation without using "lol" and "lmao," but I hate doing it. )

Our wedding ceremony was at the Rose Well House, a legendary gazebo on the Indiana University (my alma mater) campus. It was Homecoming Weekend—which no one at IU told me at the time of booking; you can imagine how  p i s s e d  I was when I found out two weeks later—and I had to walk about a tenth-of-a-mile of campus to get to our waiting spot. I nervously hiked up the brick path with my sister, drawing a ton of attention and many congratulations as we went.

In predictable fashion, time turned slow as molasses once we were at the ceremony venue waiting to get married. I kept getting such bad dry mouth—I wasn't nervous to get married, but I was nervous to be the focal point of attention from that moment in the day forward. It was suddenly 3:00 pm and I was watching all of our friends exit the building to walk down the aisle. I think I had a bit of an out-of-body experience as I pushed the doors open alongside my dad to follow them. I was feeling giddy and slightly unsteady, but felt rooted as my dad and I linked arms and I focused on meeting Tyler at the alter.

The closer I got to the crowd of guests waiting to watch us get married, the more nervous I felt. I was halfway down the aisle before meeting eyes with Tyler, and I felt my myself begin to tear up as I saw him watching with tears in his own eyes. I was on a mission not to ruin my makeup, though, so I smiled, hugged my dad before stepping up to the alter, and got ready to profess my undying love in front of sixty-some people. Nbd.


Unexpected cute moment: A little part of me died in the best way possible at the sight of Tyler's groomsmen passing a tissue down the line to him while I walked down the aisle. The fact that they were even prepared for that really took me by surprise! A group of five big, burly dudes thought to bring tissues in case the groom cried? Incredible and adorable.

The ceremony, in my humble opinion, was really beautiful. We booked our officiant, Beth, through a woman-run business called Hoosier Officiant. She did an absolutely outstanding job. We hired a student musician, Julia, through the IU Jacobs School of Music. She was also completely amazing, playing from a list of songs including Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, A Whole New World from Aladdin, and Can't Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart, which I walked down the aisle to.

As I mentioned earlier, I decided on a peachy-pink color scheme for the wedding. I was really hoping that the leaves would be fiery orange, vibrant yellow, and deep red to pair with our colors, but we had no such luck. You really don't ever know what the weather will do or how the seasons will unfold in Indiana; I thought for sure the leaves would be turned by October 12... But I digress.

In my planning research, I noticed that it's "trendy" to have mismatching bridesmaid dresses now. I thought the idea was super cool, would look really pretty, and would give my bridesmaids the freedom to find dresses that they each liked. I gave each of my girls a designated color; outside of that, I had no preference on their dress length, material, pattern—nothin'. The main color of the dress simply had to be their assigned color, and that was that. The shade range turned out even more beautiful than I had hoped it would, and the girls all looked like gorgeous, ethereal angels.

In the span of about 15 minutes, Beth shared a quote from Mark Twain, read the poem "The Art of Marriage," guided us through our vows, endured our clumsiness during the ring exchange ( Tyler originally put my chevron-shaped band on upside-down, and I had to wrestle his ring for a good 30-seconds before that bastard slid into place ), pronounced us Mr. and Mrs. Davis ( still getting used to that ), cued our first kiss as a married couple, and sent us back down the aisle, this time together.

I'm not kidding when I say I struggled to get Tyler's ring on! I laugh at myself when looking back on this. Even though it was pretty cool outside, Tyler's ring did not want to go on his finger. I'm pretty sure someone from the crowd told me to put my back into it, and I responded through clenched teeth that I was reeeeally trying, lmao. It was a funny moment that gave some comedic relief to the excited tension I was feeling from being the center of attention. Introvert 4 life!

As we walked hand-in-hand up the aisle, I felt giddy, elated, in love and loved, excited, a little tired from all the excitement because I'm an introvert and I can't help it, and ultimately, happy. I'd been waiting for that day, that moment, for so long. It almost felt surreal that the ceremony was over and we were on to the next portion of our day, which is to be continued...

Part II coming soon! Have wedding questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below.