October 12, 2019: The Story of Our Wedding Day Pt. II

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After the ceremony ended, we gathered with our wedding party, exchanged a million heart-felt hugs, love yous, and congratulations, then signed the papers to make our marriage official. The paperwork is something that you don't really hear about; basically you have to go to the county clerk's office to get a marriage license and certificate 30 days before you tie the knot. On the big day, you, the officiant, and two witnesses sign the papers to make your union legal. We love a good romantic technicality.

Once paperwork was out of the way, we began taking photos with our family, our wedding party, and each other. We started with family pictures—we wanted capture each branch of our collective family together, since we don't get many opportunities to have family photos like these taken. From top to bottom: Tyler's dad's side / my dad's side / my mom's side / Tyler's mom & step-dad / my mom, sister, and I / my sister-in-laws ♡

After family photos, it was wedding party photo time. We took a ton of group photos and couples photos—way too many to share here. If you're dying for all the content, you can check out all 300+ photos on my Facebook page. 

I can't get over how pretty the mixture of dress colors turned out; it's one of my favorite things about our wedding. See a dress you love, or simply want to know where to shop for a formal dress? The girls got their dresses from Windsor, Lulu's, and ASOS. 

The guys also looked super handsome in their suits, which we rented through Generation Tux. If you're unfamiliar with the company, they specialize in customized tux and suit rentals for weddings and other special occasions. I was able to create an account, add specific attire for each groomsman and Tyler, and invite them to order their rental through an email link. SO easy for everyone involved. And the best part? If your party places five or more rental orders, the groom gets his for free. That's right: Tyler got a free customized suit for the wedding. We love an unbeatable bargain !! Especially since weddings are so crazy expensive.

After taking a variety of photos with our wedding party, it was time to take photos of just the two of us. I really love how they turned out; there were so many convenient, pretty spots on campus that shooting was really easy. Below are my most favorite favorites, but you can find even more on my Instagram and/or Facebook page.

I of course wanted to document my dress, since the big day would be my only chance to wear it out and about ( although I do want to do a stylized one-year anniversary shoot in which we wear our wedding attire again—stay tuned and we'll see if it happens next year ). I found my dress at a designer consignment boutique in Indianapolis called Luxe Redux. I had such an amazing experience there thanks to Lexie, one of their consultants. If you're in the market for a wedding dress and are in the Indianapolis area, I highly recommend making an appointment with them. Although I purchased my dress from Luxe Redux, it was originally designed by Essense of Australia.

For alterations, I went to Alterations by Asu. She's a woman-owned business in Fort Wayne, my hometown, and I chose her because she has the best ratings and reviews on Google in the area. I can attest to her work now too—she's completely amazing. She's not only very talented at what she does, but she's also super welcoming, friendly, and flexible.

Fun fact: I'm pretty sure Tyler accidentally popped one of the buttons on my dress trying to lift me onto the platform behind us in the photo below. I had veeeery limited leg mobility in this dress, so much so that walking up stairs was a slow and tedious process. He was trying to lift me, dedicated to doing what we had to do to get the shot, and gravity rejected us hard lmao. Love him for trying though!

If I had to title this portion of the story, it would definitely be "Three Men and a Pickle Rick: The Story of How Three Strangers and Their Inflatable Pickle Rick Made our Wedding Day." Buckle in, baby.

So we’re standing on the steps of this building, which is right next to Sample Gates, if you’re familiar with the IU Bloomington campus. It’s Homecoming Weekend, so there are a lot more people than usual on campus, especially near Sample Gates and Kirkwood. We’re already drawing tons of attention because, yknow, I’m wearing a wedding dress. We’re doing our thing while people are walking by yelling congratulations at us, and all the sudden, these three college students come running down the hill towards Sample Gates with this giant inflatable Pickle Rick.

Of course I get distracted as soon as I see it, and I start screaming “PICKLE RIIIIIICK !!!” while pointing at these dudes and their Pickle Rick. As soon as Tyler sees that I haven’t lost my mind and there is indeed a giant Pickle Rick coming our way, he joins in in screaming about Pickle Rick. So these dudes are yelling congrats at us while we’re screaming “PICKLE RIIICK !!” like complete lunatics, and they’re like, “you guys wanna take pictures with him?” and we’re obviously like “YEAH DUDES OF COURSE !!” so we do, and it was a hilarious good time; then I beckon them up the steps because we definitely have to take a group photo of this monumental moment going down. 

I give one of their phones to someone in our party to take a few pics for them, and our photographer snapped a few shots on her camera too. We didn’t exchange names, but they wished us a happy and prosperous life together, and we wished them a kick-ass rest of the semester, and then we went our separate ways, them with Pickle Rick, and us with the best wedding day memory ever. * chef's kiss *

The Pickle Rick moment set the tone for what remained of our big day: the reception. We were excited, we were energized, we were laughing, and we were on our way to go celebrate with our friends and family.

Completely unbelievable, moment-of-perfection update: One of the Pickle Rick dudes found me on Instagram through Julia, our ceremony musician and I have never laughed so hard or appreciated just how small the world is before now—insert like 85 laughing emojis, I'm dead lmao

Stay tuned for Part III ♡ Miss part one? Read it here.

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