October 12, 2019: The Story of Our Wedding Day Pt. III

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If I'm being totally honest, I was exhausted by this point in the day. We just got done taking photos after just getting done with the wedding ceremony after just spending literally 6:00 am-2:00 pm getting ready. I was  t i r e d. I knew I had to keep trucking on, so I put on my metaphorical big girl pants ( only after complaining a little ), and we went on our merry way to the reception.

Once we got to Upland, where we rented their banquet hall and an outdoor tent, my mom tried her hardest to bustle my dress. Because of the length and shape of my train, the bustle was super complicated. There was a left, center, and right loop stitched in on the lower back of my dress where buttons on the train should have fastened it in place, but she was only able to find the center loop—even with the help of others! I was set on not being a bridezilla, so I was happy we were able to bustle the train at all, and I moved on with my day.

Like I mentioned, we had originally planned to have a tent outside, under which the DJ and dance floor would be. There was a little yard area next to the tent where we planned to have cornhole and a silly photo-prop picture-taking area—that's its technical name, silly photo-prop picture-taking area—but it was pretty cold by 5:00 pm. The sun was setting, and pretty much every woman in a dress was shivering in the shade, so we nixed the tent and moved the DJ inside. These are the unexpected "problems" they tell you you'll have on the day-of, but I was determined to go with the flow. It's not worth it to get upset about things that are out of your control!

Our DJ, DJ Sid, was phenomenal. He quickly moved his equipment inside with zero complaints, and I'm pretty sure no one even noticed initially that we made the switch. Beyond just the location move, DJ Sid played all of our requested songs, kept our event timeline on track, danced with our guests, and was just a super awesome dude and DJ to have as a part of our wedding day. Our guests raved about him, and Tyler and I have nothing but glowing kindnesses to share. 

If you're looking for a DJ for any event, we booked him through DJ Connection. Beyond just DJ Sid, every single staff member we worked with at DJ Connection was exceptional. I guess they're endorsed by The Knot, MTV, TLC, The Wall Street Journal, and more for a reason! Not so humble brag, but they certainly live up to the shock-value of those big names.

DJ Sid introduced our wedding party and "Mr. and Mrs. Davis," then we sat down to mingle with our guests and enjoy dinner together. We chose spinach and artichoke dip as an appetizer, and our entrée was Chicken Roulade ( chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto, Swiss cheese, and spinach, topped with a cream sauce ), herb-roasted potatoes, and sauteed green beans.

Shortly after finishing dinner, it was time to cut the cake. We opted for cupcakes from a local vegan bakery, Rainbow Bakery. Cupcakes sounded way easier than cake—I talk about why I feel that way here. We cut a salted caramel cupcake into fourths ( because I was being a total psycho about not ruining my makeup ) and gently fed each other a yummy sliver of cupcake while Tyler's brothers and friends yelled at him to smash my piece in my face. Tyler gets 10,000 points for not listening to their boy antics. 

Next, my sister / maid of honor, Ashley, and Tyler's best man, Austin, gave their speeches. Austin's was the classic and hilarious "I've known you since we were kids" best man speech: very raunchy, lots of laughter, tons of nostalgic memories. Ashley's speech was very, very sweet—and let me tell you, she's a spit-fire of a person. She doesn't usually do sweet, like at all. She talked about how I've inspired her and been a role-model for her as she's grown up ( we're nearly six years apart; she's newly 18 as of September ), which made me feel all these happy, emotional big sister feelings. I definitely teared up! It meant a lot to me, but she was mortified that she was emotional in front of so many people lmao. Like I said, sweet isn't usually her forté, but she's all in when she's in.

Then we had our first dance as a married couple, which was to Perfect by Ed Sheeran ft. Beyoncé. I had taken my heels off pretty much as soon as we got to the reception, so the height difference between us was about a foot, and my neck was cramping up so badly from looking up at Tyler. He picked me up and kept swaying for the both of us to give my neck some relief about half-way through the song, which was funny and kind of adorable.

The father-daughter dance followed immediately after our first dance. My dad and I danced to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, which he picked all by himself and was very proud to have done so. He was so excited about it that he asked me to keep it a surprise from everyone else! It was a song that really made sense for my dad and I—he has a very eclectic music taste, which was imparted on me throughout my childhood. Bob Marley is someone I learned about through my dad, so like I said, it made a lot of sense for us.

Then came another of my favorite moments of the day—the Shoe Game. I'd never heard of the Shoe Game before planning my own wedding, so here's a quick run-down if you're not familiar with it either: the bride and the groom hold one of their own shoes and one of the other's shoes. The DJ asks questions like "who is the better driver" ( Tyler ) and "who is smarter" ( love him the most, but it's me ), and the bride and groom, sitting back-to-back, raise the shoe of the person who is the answer to the question. So when DJ Sid asked, "who's the better driver?," Tyler and I both raised Tyler's shoe.

According to our guests, the majority of our answers were the same, excluding those to questions like "who loves the other more," where we of course both raised our own shoes. It was not only super fun to play, but our guests were also roaring with laughter at our answers and reactions. I highly recommend including it in your own wedding ceremony!

Before it was time for open dancing, we did one last "special event," which DJ Connection calls the Group Photo Trick. Our guests, only about half of which are visible in these photos, gathered behind us for a smiling photo, a kissing "spirit fingers" photo, and a cheering photo. Everyone was cute in the smiling one, my brother-in-law, David, looks uncomfortable in the kissing one, and my sister-in-law, Krista, has her ass on me in the last one. If you know either of them, you know that's totally on-brand for both of them lmao.

Then it was time to boogie the night away. If you're wondering what Tyler and I were singing in the photo below, it was ( I've Had ) The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing during the Anniversary Dance. Should I share our full playlist? Let me know in the comments!

We had a "secret last dance" at the end of the night that followed the "official" last dance. Our last dance was Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine because I'm a Twilight ass BITCH until the day I DIE, and our secret last dance song was the song I walked down the aisle to: Can't Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart. Then we left our wedding reception, happy but relieved that it was over, as Mr. and Mrs. Davis. ♡

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