Stellar Products in the "Stellar" Box: November BoxyCharm Review

The theme for the November BoxyCharm box is "Stellar," and it totally lives up to the name. Every product that I received this month is one that I would consider high-end or luxury, and they all perform in A++ fashion.

There was also a really even mix of types of products in my box—I received three makeup products and two skincare products. Overall, I'd give this box a 10/10 as far as quality goes, but I did have a few struggle bus moments along the way... Keep reading to find out what I mean.

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eyeshadow Palette | $35

So this palette is really pretty, but it doesn't have a good starting / transition shade. The lightest two matte shades are the purpley-gray and the brighter orange, and they aren't light by any means. My only other complaint is that the grayish shade was a little hard to blend out. Beyond that, the color story is really pretty, the mattes are super pigmented, and the shimmers are very sparkly. Also, the mirror is super sharp and clear, which I always appreciate.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum | $90

First of all, this is a NINETY DOLLAR face serum. That's nearly four times the price you pay for the entire box!! I'm shocked literally every month at the actual value of the box versus the price subscribers pay. Anyways, I really like this serum. It sinks in very quickly and gives the skin a healthy, natural glow. I'm interested to see if it will improve my acne at all, or if it'll just keep my skin looking nice and hydrated—it's still a win for me either way. It also makes me feel bougie af, so... that's fun? Lol.

Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick — Nude Mood | $18

Some of you may know that I am generally not a fan of matte lip products, but I find that Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks are more tolerable than most. This is especially true when you top them with a cream-finish lipstick or a lip gloss, which is exactly what I do. I received the shade Nude Mood, which is a really pretty deeper nude shade ( on my complexion ) that is perfect for fall. I've been pairing it with MAC Stripdown Lip Liner and MAC Creme d'Nude Lipstick on the center of my lips. V pretty imo.

BoxyCharm Two-Brush Set | $35

These brushes are a little stiffer than I wanted them to be, but they still worked as far as product application goes. BoxyCharm says the larger brush is a powdering brush and the smaller is a foundation brush. I need to play with them more, but I've used the bigger one for powdering, as suggested, and I actually used the smaller one to blend out cream contour on my cheeks, forehead, and nose. It's a hair big for the nose, but if you move slowly and carefully, it actually blends everything really nicely.

Tula Star Bright Nourishing & Brightening Cosmetic Hydrogel Mask | $22

This mask is really wonderful once you get the sheets applied to your face, but boy oh boy is it a journey getting there. I had such a hard time getting a hold of the mask sheets ( there's one for the bottom half of your face and one for the top half ) and peeling them off the slippery plastic backing they were attached to. I almost dropped the sheets so many times, and it was just unnecessarily difficult to get a good grip on the backing because it was so slick. Once you get the masks on, though, they have a very cooling and plumping effect on the skin. The serum also soaks in pretty quickly, which I really appreciated.

Look out for an IGTV video on my Instagram where I demo everything in my box—it'll include my struggle with this frustrating-yet-so-annoyingly-nice mask. I didn't want to like it after the hassle that was unpackaging it, but I'd be a liar if I told you it wasn't one of the best sheet masks I've used. Tula, if you're out there, please change the backing that these are attached to!!

Overall, I really like every product I received in the November BoxyCharm box. My favorite item is the Kypris serum, and my least favorite are the masks simply because it was so stupid-difficult to remove them from the packaging. I'm kind of not looking forward to using the second one just because my first-time experience was so annoying, but at least I'm prepared for what to expect this time around!

What did you get in your November box / what were your favorite products / did you receive anything you disliked? Let me know below; I'm always curious!

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