Short & Sweet Winter Whimsy BoxyLuxe Review

These BoxyLuxe reviews can get pretty long, so I'm going to try to keep this one short & sweet.

Keep reading for my thoughts on this month's product lineup, and check out my IGTV demo to see some of them in action!

Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream | $39

I really like this cream, but I hesitate to call it a cream. It's more like a thick gel, similar to the Aqua Bomb by belif. It's very moisturizing, very lightweight, and leaves the skin looking almost glass-like. It's a great base to wear under a very matte foundation.

Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette | $55

I think Storybook Cosmetics has the cutest, most unique concept with their book-style eyeshadow palettes. I love the shades in the Little Briar Rose palette, which has kind of a dusty pink and frosty blue scheme.

I noticed they sent out a variety of different palettes, and it seems like the overall commentary is that the shadows perform really well and the shades are really pretty, but the packaging is bulky. It is, but it's not hard to hold up the palette to use the mirror or anything. It would just take up more space than usual if you travel with it.

Ciaté Confetti Highlighter | $32

This is a really beautiful, unique-looking highlighter, but it's too dark for my skin tone. I might be able to pull it off with a tan, but I'll definitely have to use it as a blush / bronzer topper for now. Overall, the shade looks like a darker BECCA Opal once it's on the skin, and it applies very smooth and buttery. It's a beautiful highlighter for medium to deep skin tones!

INN Beauty Power Up Dual-Phase Setting Mist | $32

I was pleasantly surprised by this mist! I don't know why exactly, but I was under the impression that I was not going to like this—I was wrong! The mist is suuuuuuper super fine, which I love. It works well as a makeup primer and setter without being too hydrating or too mattifying. It's just refreshing, and it melts all of your makeup into one skin-like layer.

Fresh Beauty Soy Face Cleanser | $38

I like this cleanser! I've actually used it before, but it's been awhile. I will say that there are other cleansers I like more ( the Glam Glow GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser and the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser ) that are in the same price range. I just feel like the Fresh one is a bit basic for the price point, and I get more out of the other two cleansers I mentioned for a lower or identical price.

Kat Von D Dagger Tattoo Eyeliner | $20

I do not support Kat Von D due to her stance as an anti-vaxxer. I'm honestly a little disappointed that BoxyCharm is still working with her brand, but you never know if that's for legal reasons such as her contract not being up or anything of that sort. Would it be classified as discrimination if a brand decided to no longer work with her because she's an anti-vaxxer? Idk. If you know, tell me in the comments!

All that aside, this eyeliner isn't my favorite. It's pigmented and it's matte, but the applicator tip is weird. Maybe I just need to learn the technique for the unique shape of the brush, but if I'm being honest, I'm not that invested in it.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Queen B | $21

I really dislike the shade I was sent, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Deeper rosy-mauves make me look like I'm 93 years old, truly. Luckily, I have a few other shades of this liquid lip, and I will say that I do like the formula. It's pretty thin, so it dries quickly and doesn't get all cakey / crumbly after a few hours of wear. My personal favorite shades are Holy Chic and Child Star.

Cosmedix Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller | $69

I've been wanting one of these for as long as I've been following Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, but I've never wanted to commit to the price point. So obviously I was very excited to see this in my box! Although I really enjoy the sensation / experience of this beauty roller, I definitely don't think it's worth $70. I'd say it's only worth the money if you can get one on sale.

Rituals — The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel | $9.50

This is the only thing I received in this month's box that I REALLY did not like. The soap / foam has a really acrid, sharp scent. I do like the way it lathers and the concept of the foaming gel, but I also feel like it's just glorified shaving cream with a super pungent smell.

Tell me about the products you received in your December box in the comments below!

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