A Unique & Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Figuring out what to get your boyfriend / fiancé / husband for Valentine's Day can be a challenge. I like to give Tyler unique, personal gifts because I want him to love them and know that they were thoughtfully made / picked just for him—but this makes coming up with great gift ideas even more challenging!

With a little brainstorming, a little Pinterest surfing, and a little Google searching, I think I've come up with some really solid Valentine's Day gift ideas for the "him" in your life. T and I are actually not exchanging gifts this year because we're trying to really focus on building our savings, but I did run this gift guide by him. It's officially Tyler approved, so I feel extra confident that the following Valentine's Day gifts will lead you in the right direction. Happy shopping, lovebirds!

Also, boyfriend / fiancé / husband will hereby be known as "BFH" for the sake of not having to repeat the whole thing a million times in this post, thankyousomuch. (:


A new wallet

It seems like Tyler's wallets get worn out after about a year or two, so I like to gift him a new one when the time comes. I've gotten him a few wallets throughout the years, and he's about due for another. If it weren't for me, I'm not sure he ever would get a new one.

This may seem like a total digression, but I swear it isn't: I love watching Philip DeFranco's Philip DeFranco Show, and he has some pretty awesome sponsors that are featured. I was particularly intrigued by Ridge*, an online wallet and accessory retailer known for their slim, minimal, and durable designs. They're pretty cool imo, so I'll probably buy T's next wallet from them. He doesn't love the traditional wallet layout and is looking to try something new, and they seem like a promising option. To add an extra cute touch for V-Day, I'd fill the wallet with a photo of us and an assortment of gift cards to his favorite fast food restaurants so he can grab a quick bite for lunch or whenever he's out and about.

*You can save 10% and get free shipping at Ridge with Phil's code "DEFRANCO." I'm all for saving money and supporting a cool person doing good things in the world, so I thought I'd share!

A yummy cologne

There's something really... relaxing / intoxicating / soothing? when your BFH is wearing a delicious smelling cologne. It's just makes them extra dreamy or something, you know? Cologne is one of those gifts that you can spend as much or little as you want and still come out with something great—you can ball out at Macy's and get some Bleu de Chanel... or you can save some major cash at Target and still walk out with a bomb fragrance. Don't feel like you have to spend a big figure to get your BFH a yummy scented cologne.

A couple's massage

This is a great gift idea if your BFH does manual labor for a living. Tyler has to stand and walk around and lift things all day without getting many chances to sit down, so his back bothers him pretty often. A couple's massage is a super thoughtful gift in terms of trying to help your BFH feel better, and it's also an experience that you can enjoy together. Every spa offers different packages—some even come with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for a lil extra special pizzazz.

A hobby-related gift

What are your BFH's hobbies? T loves golf, playing guitar, and Runescape, so I could get him some new golf balls, a new golf club, more golf tees, a box of guitar picks, a new guitar strap with a cool design, pre-pay the next few months of his computer game, etc. Think of something your BFH loves to do and how you can help him have an even better time doing that thing. He'll not only be super happy to receive a gift relating to one of his favorite things, but he'll also be happy to have your support of him doing that thing.

A car-care package

I don't know about y'all, but my husband's car can get a little grimy. Love him, but it's true. Guys just like to do stuff on the go—Tyler eats breakfast in his car, he has sticky drinks like coffee and energy drinks, he keeps spare jackets and hats in his backseat, he totes around his golf bag & shoes and tackle boxes & fishing poles, there always seems to be at least two fast food bags full of wrappers of lunches past—you get what I'm saying.

You can treat both him and yourself by curating a car-care package. I would get a small-ish bin ( something cute but functional ) to put everything in, which can double as either a storage container or trash receptacle. I would fill it with things like:

  • Air fresheners
  • Car cleaning wipes
  • A trunk organizer / storage bin
  • A box of granola bars
  • A travel mug
  • Some hand sanitizer
  • Chapstick ( specifically Burt's Bees Medicated, T's fave )
  • Maybe a pair of warm gloves since it's winter
  • A hand balm ( Tyler's hands get super chapped from work )
  • A few packs of gum
  • Some Slim Jims for added spice and flair
  • Etc. 

I feel like this is a gift that you can totally make your own, and you can also make it as simple or as extravagant as you want.

His favorite beer

This is a great gift for when you don't have a lot of money to spend, but you still want to do something small to acknowledge your love / appreciation / gratitude for your BFH. I'll probably pick up a case of Yuengling bottles for T this V-Day, just to do a little something extra for him.

A new watch / a new watchband for his smartwatch

I feel like watches for men are the equivalent of jewelry for women. If you want to get him something really nice, a new watch is a great option. I came across MVMT watches thanks to a few of the bloggers I follow, and the company offers really cool designs. If Tyler didn't already have an Apple Watch, I would probably buy him a watch from MVMT. If your BFH has a smartwatch like T, no worries! Get him a new band for the watch; I personally love something like this or this.

A grooming kit

If your BFH has facial hair, consider getting him a new grooming kit. This can be as simple as a beard shampoo and balm, or as complex as a full blown beard kit and new electric trimmers. It depends on the length of your BFH's facial hair and how much you want to spend, but there are definitely a lot of directions you could take this gift. Combine it with a cologne, as mentioned above, and you've got a super impressive V-Day gift for him. Here I am again with the package gifts. I just love giving a good, well-rounded present, okay?

A boudoir shoot 

Now hold your horses before you go running for the hills. You can do a boudoir shoot that is sexy, classy, and pretty—think along the lines of a SavagexFenty lingerie shoot. You can get as wild as your heart desires with something like this, but I think it's a great spicy, intimate gift idea no matter where you decide to go with it.

If u got the coin... A weekend getaway

In my opinion, nothing is better than traveling with your significant other. If you can afford it, this is my number one gift suggestion. If I were able to, I think it would be so much fun to plan a V-Day weekend trip to a place that Tyler has been wanting to go and do things that he's predominantly interested in, but that we both enjoy.

As I mentioned above, he loves golf and playing guitar, so it would be cool to go to Cleveland, OH ( it's super close, just a few hours drive ) and visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and spend a few hours at TopGolf. Because I'm a Christmas fanatic, I would insist that we stop by the A Christmas Story house, and West Side Market sounds really cool as well. Boom bam, easy, relatively affordable, and fun Valentine's Day weekend getaway.

What are you planning on getting your BFH for V-Day? If you have other ideas that aren't on this guide, drop them in the comments below!

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