What's the Better Deal, BoxyCharm Regular or BoxyCharm Premium?

BoxyCharm has majorly stepped up their game lately. They now offer a monthly "standard" box, a monthly premium box, and a seasonal luxe box. Because I'm a total psycho and am literally obsessed with beauty, I subscribe to all three. Most people, however, probably want to choose between the standard box and the premium box—so what's the better deal?

This month was the first month that I received both the standard box and the premium box, and I can honestly say that I was super happy with both. However, there is one box that was a clear winner for me, if I have to choose between the two. I know this looks like a super long post, but I tried to condense everything into a ( somewhat ) brief list of pros and cons—think need-to-know information. With that, lets dissect the two boxes and see which one I personally preferred this month.

BoxyCharm Box | $25 per month

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter — Canary Diamond | $36

+ Looks really pretty in the pan
+ Formulated without sulfates or phthalates + cruelty free                               

- Basically just glitter; there's no real "base" color
- Shade I received is too dark as a highlight on my skin tone
- Packaging is pretty bulky and not that cute imo
- I personally do not directly support the brand due to their controversies with NikkieTutorials, who I absolutely adore

Dr. Brant 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream | $55

+ Illuminates the under-eye really beautifully
+ Super hydrating
+ Cute white + rose gold packaging
+ Doesn't cause milia
+ Works well under makeup
+ Contains anti-aging ingredients like Retinol
+ Formulated without sulfates, parabens, or phthalates

- Dr. Brant is not cruelty free ):

Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Face Gommage | $28

+ Super fine physical exfoliant; very gentle on the skin
+ Smells really good; earthy but also vanilla-y?
+ Contains really luxe ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Seed Powder, and their exclusive Black Winter Truffle Extract
+ A certified clean beauty product; vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free!

- None!

Avant Skincare 8-Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask | $107

+ Smells great; has a really enjoyable water-like fragrance
+ Super plump & glowy skin when you wake up
+ Seemed to help tame breakouts
+ Cruelty free

- Pretty small sized tube
- Das esspensive !!!

Manna Kadar Lip Whip —Hope | $21

+ Small applicator is good for precision
+ Cruelty free

- Don't love the shade; too deep for my preference but would probably look amazing on deeper-toned skin
- Applied two-ish shades darker than it looked in the tube
- Also don't live for a matte liquid lip at the moment, and this is MATTE
- Gets gummy and patchy if you press your lips together

Total BoxyCharm Standard Value: $247

BoxyCharm Premium | $35 per month

Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Cocktail Party Eyeshadow Palette | $ 45

+ GORGEOUS peach-toned color scheme; y'all know I live for a good peach moment!!
+ Nice mix of mattes, shimmers, and glitters
+ Mattes and shimmers are both super creamy, buttery, and beautiful
+ Cruelty free, gluten free, and free of parabens!

- Outer packaging design is a little cheesy / tacky; the unit carton ( cardboard box the palette came in ) was honestly cuter
- Glitter shades are definitely toppers, whether the brand intended that or not; they don't have a strong base color
- I personally do not directly support the brand due to their controversies with NikkieTutorials, who we stan until the end of time

Skinfix Barrier+ Foaming Oil Cleanser | $28

+ Nice creamy texture; feels very gentle and hydrating on the skin 
+ Cute and functional packaging; the pump has a twist-to-close feature
+ Works well as a pre-cleanser / makeup remover; works well as a regular cleanser too
+ A certified clean beauty product; vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, AND safe for sensitive skin!

- Contains "coconut cleansers;" certain forms of coconut can cause breakouts for some people. I haven't been using it long enough to determine if this product will break me out, but it doesn't feel like it will.

Kat Von D Single Eyeshadow — Lolita | $19

+ Pretty color
+ Blends really well
+ Big size for a single shadow
+ Can double as a blush
+ Formulated without parabens; vegan + cruelty free

- We don't support anti-vaxers over here (: I stopped buying from Kat Von D as soon as she came out as one. Check out this short video that explains and debunks the anti-vax movement with plenty of reputable research / sources if you want to learn more.

Fars├íli Liquid Glass Radiance Serum | $54

+ Makes the skin look very smooth and glassy without making it look oily, by some strange scientific miracle
+ Contains hyaluronic acid, which we absolutely love
+ Works well as a final skincare step as well as under makeup
+ Soaks in extremely fast, like shockingly so
+ Free of sulfates / parabens / phthalates; is vegan and cruelty free!

- It could be a little more dewy in my opinion, but I like to look like a dewy ass bitch soooo... I'm shrugging irl.
- Farsali feels like a really gimmicky brand to me? I think this is because of the way it's used in Instagram makeup tutorials. No matter what the "IG Baddies" are out here doing, please do not touch the dropper to your face! This spreads bacteria both on your face and within the product once you screw the dropper back onto the bottle.

Bliss Pore Patrol Deep Detox Four-Clay Souffle Mask | $18

+ Really yummy whipped / marshmallow-y texture for a being a clay mask
+ Doesn't make the skin feel dried out / stripped
+ Helps bring breakouts to the surface without adding more irritation
+ Cool shaving-cream-esque pump / dispenser
+ The mask is a cute, pastel green color
+ Really nice ingredients including French Green Montmorillonite ( a clay ), Glycolic Acid, and Pomegranate Extract
+ Free of parabens + phthalates and cruelty free

- None!

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit | $42

+ You get literally four products in one—a brow pencil, a concealing + highlighting pencil, a clear brow gel, and a flat definer brush
+ The gel is awesome; great hold and no flaking
+ The brow pencil and the highlight / conceal pencil have good pigment and texture; the brow pencil is a great balance of waxy and creamy
+ All products are cruelty free, and their brushes are vegan

- There's no way to sharpen the pencil, and the crayon part itself is very fat. In other words: you can't get precise strokes after the first time you use it.
- The brush bristles could be more dense / tightly packed together—there's a gap in the middle of the bristles that prevents you from getting a super precise application.

Total BoxyCharm Premium Value: $168

So all that being said, I personally prefer the premium box this month. I feel like it could totally change on a month-to-month basis because I've gotten some really impressive standard boxes in the past. I mean, I'm super impressed with this one too because of the skincare items I received; overall, I think I just enjoy all of the products I got in my premium box a little more than those in the standard box.

You might have even noticed that the value of the standard box is much higher than the premium box this month. Obviously the monetary value doesn't determine the overall value of a box, but it does contribute to the wow factor. I mean, paying $25 for a $247 value standard box and $35 for a $168 value premium box? I think both boxes are incredibly spectacular, which is why I'll continue to pay for both of them every month. Overall, that's $60 for $415 worth of beauty product in January—that's literally amazing!!

Do you subscribe to BoxyCharm? If so, which boxes do you receive? What was your favorite product this month? Let me know in the comments (:

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