22 Healthy Habits I Stick To ( Most of the Time )

Keeping up with healthy habits is really important to me, especially when it comes to my mental health. While a lot of the habits I practice are great for my physical health as well, my mental health suffers the most if I fall off the wagon with any of them.

I'm a Capricorn, so I like my routines, I like having structure, and I like to be organized. Practicing healthy habits makes me feel like I have my shit together, which makes me feel like I'm successfully adulting. These healthy habits definitely aren't the end-all-be-all of having it together, though, so stay tuned for a post on healthy habits that I want to practice more consistently! For now, let's focus on the little wins.

Healthy habits I regularly practice:

+ Drinking lots of water. I drink water with lemon in a 24 ounce Starbucks cold cup every day, and I try to have at least three full cups throughout the day.

+ Washing my face every night. This is a non-negotiable for me, even if I'm drunk ( pretty rare ) or super tired ( much less rare ). My skin is so prone to breakouts that I just can't sacrifice washing my face before bed.

+ Doing my skincare routine each morning and night. Again, I have super sensitive, acne-prone skin. It's taken me years to figure out a skincare routine that works for me, and I stick to it 99% of the time. If I'm REALLY tired, I'll at least follow cleansing with my toner ( currently the Pixi Glow Tonic ) and my Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask all over the face.

+ Brushing my teeth twice each day. I don't know how people don't brush their teeth every day! Bad breath is my number one biggest pet peeve / gross thing that bothers me lol. Make sure you brush your tongue too!! Bad breath lingers on the tongue, people.

+ Washing my hair once or twice per week. Washing every day can strip the oils on your scalp and hair, which can cause your hair to become brittle and dry, which causes breakage and hair loss. I like two wash one-to-two times per week and use lots of dry shampoo in between.

+ Brushing my hair every morning and night + wearing it in a braid to bed. Ever since my scarring hair appointment ( not letting it go anytime soon, lmao ), I've been very dedicated to caring for my hair. To prevent tangles, breakage, and hair loss, I brush my hair every morning and every night. I also apply a hair balm to the ends ( IGK Mistress if you're curious ) and I do a simple braid tied with a silk scrunchie to protect my hair while I sleep.

+ Putting lotion on after showering. It's easy to forget that your entire body needs to be moisturized, or to be lazy and just not do it. However, I really want to look as good as Jennifer Aniston looks when I'm 50, so I'm determined to keep my skin as hydrated as possible.

+ Applying hand cream after washing my hands. Again, I want to have the hands of a 20-year-old when I'm 50, so keeping my hands moisturized is a must. Plus, I hate when my cuticles get all dry and hang-naily. Consistently moisturizing my hands prevents this!

+ Only following people on social media who make me feel positive. If following someone on social media makes you feel negative energy of any kind, unfollow them.

+ Saving money / budgeting. This is something I've had to work at to become good at, but I finally feel pretty proud of my ability to save money and budget. Financial health and responsibility is very very very important, especially if you live off of a smaller income like I do.

+ Washing my makeup sponge or Blendiful puff after each use. Again, I am Miss Acne-Prone Skin, so I wash my sponge or puff every single time I'm going to use it. The thought of the bacteria on an unwashed, makeup-caked sponge... It makes me shudder.

+ Tidying the apartment. I'm a total neat freak, so I have to tidy my apartment every day. It may not be clean as could be, but everything is in its place. I don't like piles of stuff everywhere or random things out on counters. The level of tidy drives Tyler nuts sometimes, but I can't resist the urge to pick things up and put them away!

+ Keeping up with laundry. I hate when the laundry basket gets piled up! I try to run at least one load of laundry each day so I don't have Mount Laundry living in my bedroom.

+ Making the bed every day. This is something I've more recently started doing. Something about having a crisp and freshly made bed is so soothing. It only takes two minutes to do, and it's totally worth the peace it brings!

+ Peeing after sex. I didn't know that you were supposed to do this until I was like 20 after getting a UTI ( urinary tract infection ). I want to share this info, even if it may seem obvious to some people, because not everyone knows. Pee after sex, friends! It'll help prevent UTIs and yeast infections, both of which are totally normal but are also no fun to have.

+ Telling Tyler I love him every day. Keeping our relationship healthy and strong is SO important to me, and I really believe that telling your partner you love them every day is something that seems small, but has a big impact. I tell him I love him like 23 times per day, but once or twice should do the trick (:

+ Kissing Tyler goodbye and goodnight. Every morning before we leave for work, we kiss goodbye, and every night before we go to bed, we kiss goodnight. Again, I feel like this is one of those little things that goes a long way in keeping your relationship intimate and healthy.

+ Scooping the litter boxes every other day & changing them once a week. We have four cats and three litter boxes, so they fill up pretty quickly. To avoid any bad smells or cats peeing outside of the litter boxes, I find scooping every other day and replacing the litter with a fresh batch once per week works for us.

+ Making sure the cats have fresh water and plenty of food every day. Nothing makes me feel like a bad cat mom like my cats crowding their food and water bowls because they're empty! I like to refill their water bowls with fresh water each day because by the end of a day, the water / bowls usually have a little bit of cat hair, dust bunnies, and litter in them.

+ Keeping up with annual appointments. I think it's extremely important to keep up with annual appointments—think dentist visits, yearly exams with your general physician, eye exams, and especially your OB-GYN visit. I usually just schedule mine a year in advance after each appointment, that way I don't have to worry about remembering to call a few months later.

+ Hustling in silence. Throughout my life, I've found that it's better to wait until you've achieved something to tell the world that you were working on it. You avoid any negative energy that way!

+ Manifesting my goals. I'm a big believer in putting out positive energy. The energy / thoughts / vibes you put out into the world is what you attract, so emitting positivity will help to bring positivity to you. Whenever I have a goal I want to achieve, no matter how big or small, I adapt the mindset that I will achieve it, as if it's already part of my future. I do my best to push all doubts and worries away because I don't want to sabotage myself.

Do you practice any of these healthy habits? What healthy habits do you stick to that aren't included on this list? I'd love to know; I feel so inspired by positive behaviors of others! Feel free to drop a comment below; I'll be sure to get back to you (:

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