7 Things That Help Me Get Out of a Funk

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Every few months, I'm hit with a batch of the blues—a period of time where I feel very low energy and very unmotivated to do a whole lot outside of what I absolutely have to do. I reeeeally dislike when I find myself falling into a funk because my creativity goes stagnant, my desire to write for the blog or post on Instagram becomes non-existent, I don't feel like leaving the house outside of going to work, I can't bring myself to spend the time to do my makeup, and overall, I just feel like a useless potato. If you're ever wondering why I haven't posted on here or on Instagram in a while, chances are I'm in a funk.

I don't push myself too hard when I'm feeling down because it generally makes me feel worse, but when I'm feeling up to it, I like to do the following seven things. There may be some days that I just do one thing on this list, some days that I do a few things, and some days that I do all of the things. It really just depends on the day. I wanted to share these seven ways to get out of a funk in case any of you can relate and are looking for feasible ways to truly feel better. I really hope you find them helpful and applicable to your life, and I very much hope they bring you sunnier days. We got this. (:

Talk ( and maybe cry a little ) about it

For me, talking about things that are bothering me makes me feel better. If I don't expel my negative thoughts and feelings, they build up and swirl around in my brain, so much so that it's basically all I can think about. Talking about why I'm in a funk allows me to purge the feelings, which releases a huge weight within me. I don't need a solution or someone to fix the situation for me; I just need to talk about it so it's released from my brain. Crying helps sometimes too, so don't be afraid to get a little leaky. (:

Do one thing that makes you feel productive

It's really hard for me to do much of anything when I'm in a funk, which makes me feel like a lazy POS. If you're like me, you know it's a matter of lack of mental energy rather than pure laziness. I'm very well aware of this while I'm in a funk, so I try to push myself to do at least one thing per day that makes me feel good and productive. That could include writing a blog post, doing my makeup, sketching, styling my hair, doing a chore, etc. Basically something that makes me feel like I did more than just go to work and come home to watch TV for the remainder of the day, yknow?

Take a walk

It's amazing what a little fresh air and movement can do for the body and brain. This one is a little more difficult in the winter if you live in the Midwest or the northern portion of the country like I do, but with spring around the corner, I'm setting a goal to take a daily walk after dinner. Even if it's just a 10-minute stroll around the block, I know it will make me feel so much lighter and happier.

Play music

Music makes me SO happy. I have so many Spotify playlists, it's ridiculous. Listening to music almost always makes me feel better. I love to sing, even though I can't carry much of a tune. ( Fun fact: if I could wish to have one talent, it would be to sing beautifully. ) Some of my favorite artists at the moment are Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, and Halsey. You can check out my Spotify, although it's no where near complete, here.

Listen to a podcast

I love podcasts. I love to listen to them when I'm doing mindless activities like chores, exercising, painting my nails, etc. They're an easy way to learn about all kinds of things without having to commit your attention to reading or watching something. Podcasts make me feel good because learning makes me feel good. There are SO many out there that a. it's a little overwhelming and b. there's bound to be one that fits your interests. My personal favorite podcasts are The Skinny Confidential Him & Her with Lauryn & Michael Bosstick and approachable with Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson.

Have some cuddles

If I'm feeling so down that none of the above are appealing options, snuggling with my four cats and / or my husband makes me feel better. Sometimes you just need nonverbal, nonsexual physical love when you're feeling down. If you don't have a pet or a significant other, try leaning on a best friend, a family member, or a friend's pet. You could even visit your local animal shelter and snuggle some of the fur angels there—you'd be making your day and theirs.

Focus on the good

Sometimes I just need to focus on all of the good things in my life, regardless of how small or "normal" they may seem. I have an incredible husband. I have four loving pets. I have a beautiful apartment that I love. I have friends and family who care about me. I'm have very little health problems. I have a nice car that gets me where I need to go. I have a higher-education degree and a job that I love. I can walk. I can breathe. I'm alive. These things can seem so mundane when we get caught up in the day-to-day routine, but all of the above are things that some people would kill to have or to be able to do. Rather than feeling bad about that, bask in the miracle of being fortunate enough to have and do these "basic" things that we often just don't think about.

What do you do to get out of a funk? Feel free to share any tactics that I didn't list in the comments below

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