Here's Why BoxyCharm Premium is the Best Boxy Subscription Box

I was skeptical about BoxyCharm Premium at first, I'll admit it. I mean, a box full of high-end and luxury beauty products for just $35 per month? Yeah, riiiiight. Here's the thing though... I've received the premium box twice now, and I've officially been converted. BoxyCharm Premium is the best BoxyCharm subscription box, and I'm going to tell you why.

If you don't know, BoxyCharm offers three different subscription boxes:

I'm a beauty junkie, so I'll bashfully admit that I subscribe to all three boxes. Here's my thing though: I rarely ever buy makeup or skincare outside of my BoxyCharm and FabFitFun boxes. I'm getting WAY more product for WAY less money by being a beauty subscriber, and it's something that's worth it to me because it makes sense for my lifestyle. I'm going to share the products I received in my February premium box below so you can decide for yourself whether or not the premium box could be for you. You can also check out this post if you want to learn more about my experience with BoxyCharm Premium.

Below are the products I received in my February BoxyCharm Premium box, which has a total value of $310—over 12 times what I paid for it!

Literally the only product I don't like is the Faccia moisturizer. Even though it's outrageously expensive, it smells like fart putty, leaves a super sticky film on the skin, and made me break out in hives when I tested it on my arm... lmao. Everything else, I LOVE. If I had to name one favorite out of this month's premium box, it would be the Hourglass blush. I've been dying to try Hourglass' blush / bronzer / highlighter, but their products are priced pretty steeply. Luckily, I held out and ended up receiving one in my box!

That's really the beauty of BoxyCharm: you receive products you've been wanting to try forever, along with ones you may not have heard of before, for a super discounted price. The premium box is personally my favorite BoxyCharm box because I get to try products that I'm usually not willing to splurge on at the full retail price.

For just $35, I got a blush I've been dying to try for literally years, a super nice flat iron that doubles as a curling iron due to its curved design, a yummy & luxurious body butter, a face mist I've also been wanting to try for ages, a light, hydrating primer that's good but didn't blow me away, and a super freaking expensive moisturizer that smells like a seven-year-old's fingers. All for $35. What a dream.

I'm going to end this post here in an effort to keep things short; I feel like these Boxy reviews and FabFitFun reviews can get a little long-winded sometimes. If you have any questions about BoxyCharm Premium or any of the products I received, you can always ask in the comments below! I'd love to carry on the conversation with you (:

Are you a BoxyCharm Premium subbie? If so, what did you get in your box this month? What were your favorite and least favorite products? LMK in the comments!

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