Peachy Meeting You

Welcome to a kittenish diary! My name Alyssa Davis, and this blog is your digital resource for all things beauty, life, and style.

I'm from and currently live in Indiana, although I've always wanted to take the plunge and seek a new cozy nook of my own in another state. My oasis is the home I share with my husband, Tyler, and our four—yes, you read that right—cats.

I'm a very proud Indiana University Bloomington alumna, and I currently work as the Digital Media Specialist in the Marketing department at my local YMCA. When I'm not working or snuggling my kitties, you might find me curled up with a Harry Potter book, at my vanity playing with makeup while listening to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast, in the kitchen trying a new recipe, or binging on Phillip DeFranco's YouTube videos while forcing myself to workout. In the name of good health, amen.

Growing up, my favorite thing to do was read for hours and hours. In grade school, my teachers would yell at me for reading my latest book instead of paying attention in class. As I got older, my love for reading influenced me to begin writing: a hobby I soon also began to love. In college, I wrote for We Are IU and Spoon Universitysome of my articles were even shared on Teen Vogue and Snapchat's Discovery Page!

As I progressed through my classes at university, I began to dabble in graphic design and videography. My writing skills, thanks to my degree in English, were flourishing, and I was finding a new passion in video—specifically in creating beauty-related content for my YouTube channel.

Now, as both a digital media professional and an avid content creator, I hope this blog becomes a beauty and lifestyle resource for the light-hearted, ambitious, self-loving Millennial woman. I'm so excited to grow this new digital home, and I hope you're able to learn something, have a laugh, escape from your day, and know you're always welcome at a kittenish diary.

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